If your home needs a major renovation and you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home, then a retrofit may be just what you need.

We’ll come out to your home and evaluate it against Passive House principles to determine whether your home can be retrofitted and what a retrofit renovation would entail.  Our goal would be to achieve Passive House standards with as little renovation as possible.

We’ll discuss budget and go over cost vs. payback to determine whether a Passive House Retrofit makes sense for you.

Phase 1 – Schematic Design After our initial consultation, we’ll first measure and draw an as-built of the current home.  We will then draw a schematic design with floor plans and front and rear elevations .  This is the phase in which we take the information we discussed in the initial presentation and begin to create the home that meets your aesthetic as well as practical wants/needs.  Design emphasis will be placed on achieving your space needs, overall budgetary requirements, Passive House requirements and aesthetics.

Phase 2 – Bid Documents.  Once you approve the initial schematic design, we will begin with more detailed plans.  The goal of the bid documents is to provide enough information to generate a realistic estimate of the project. Documents and design criteria can still be revised at this point to address budget issues.  Preliminary solar shading analysis will be completed byConsultant. Site specific conditions (such as grading conditions, septic designs, and approximate residence location on site) will be completed and may involve the use of third party consultants.

Phase 3 – Construction Documents  At this phase we finalize bid documents into full permit and construction drawings as well as apply for Passive House pre-certification. Emphasis will be placed on materials, methods and construction details.   We will assist you in the selection of items such as appliances, HVAC, ERV and domestic hot water heater, Solar P.V and more.

Phase 4 Construction Administration  After final permits are acquired and construction commences, we will assist you and the builder (when neccesary) with the construction process.  Emphasis will be placed on your wants/needs and budget during the construction process, educating the builder and contractors as neccesary for quality control .  Phase 4 includes site visits during key phases of construction to ensure contractor is building according to the building plans, specifications, PHIUS criteria and municipal code criteria.   We will also coordinate with the third party rater to ensure PHIUS standards are met.

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