Soeder Residence Passive House Detailing

Kehm Design & Consulting was hired as a third party consultant to coordinate structure, code and passive house detailing for this residence.  One of our primary objectives was to provide a thermal bridge free, airtight, vapor open building assembly to meet the PHIUS passive house standards.   Kehm Design was also hired directly by the homeowner as a construction consultant to assist the Owner and various sub-contractors at key stages of the construction process as needed. This “hands on” approach helps assure quality control during construction to ensure that all of the assemblies are constructed as specified. The Owner is general contracting his own house, and both he and all of his sub-contractors are doing a fantastic job!

This project is currently under construction and the photos show the project at various stages of construction up to and including the preliminary rough in frame blower door test.  Before you ask; yes- the project does have windows, and a lot of them!  The pictures to date are currently showing the inner most of 2 integrated wall assemblies specified on this project.  The *zip sheathing is currently concealing the window and door openings to verify the air tightness level of the primary air barrier inner wall system. These pictures were taken after the completion of the first rough-in blower door test, and the window openings will now be cut out and the exterior wall assembly constructed.   Another extremely low blower door number of 0.06 was achieved using the assemblies Kehm Design specified.  These results affirm that the materials and methods that we specified achieve superior air tightness levels in a passive home.

The photos show the home at various stages of construction and the recent blower door test results at rough-ins.  Project is still in under construction, and more pictures will be added as the project progresses!