Our Services

Complete home plans

We take great pride in delivering a complete and comprehensive set of construction plans. We have built a niche in getting permits for our clients in the most stringent municipalities and have experience in almost all phases of the home building process. From wall bracing to air-tight Passive house details, we thrive and enjoy value engineering projects with unusual design or site conditions.  Our hands on experience gives us a practical knowledge of our drawings, and as a result we often incorporate unique building materials and methods that have resulted in significant construction cost savings. 


 Trained in one of the most rigorous building standards, we can incorporate details for your home or addition project that meet or exceed the highest level in energy efficient home design. Our Passive House methods and details deliver energy savings of up to 90%, and we have achieved unheard of rough in blower door air tightness levels as low as 0.03 ACH @ 50 Pa on past projects. 


 Our unique construction background and previous hands on experience gives us the ability to offer construction and project management services for Clients, Builders or Architects. This is particularly important when a project is  a complex home design, is in a stringent municipality or is a home that is designed to exceed code minimum requirements. Our consulting services will include site visits at various stages of construction to make sure that all your contractors and sub-contractors are following the plans, as well as phone consults to answer any questions regarding plan specifications or issues that may arise during construction.