New Construction & Renovation Plans

Initial Consultation

 Our initial consultation can occur at our office, your project site, or simply over the phone.  This initial consultation is complimentary, and may  involve more then one conversation or meeting.  At the initial consultation our primary goal is to understand the scope of your project, and this is based primarily on your wants, needs, and budget.  A preliminary budget with a list of these wants and needs will help us determine realistic design expectations and overall project goals. The overall feasibility of your project is evaluated, and we will discuss how your overall project goals can be achieved. After our initial consultation we will draft a proposal for your review outlining the various stages of your project as well as a list of our fees.  At this point you have the option of either signing the proposal and we will draft a contract, or we will be happy to work with you negotiating the particulars of your proposal to your satisfaction. 

Phase 1– As Built Drawings

 If you have an existing home that you will be renovating or constructing an addition our process begins with an as-built drawing outlining the existing materials, methods, and conditions. (If you are constructing a new home this phase is irrelevant- please skip to schematic design phase!)  As-built drawings will be the keystone for determining scope and budgetary requirements for your entire project. As built drawings will be documented using CAD (computer Aided design) software for ease of future designs and modifications. 

Phase 2– Schematic Designs

 General scope of Schematic Designs is to provide rapid schematic floor plans and elevations to establish base design criteria.  Schematic designs in the form of floor plans and elevations will be presented to you, then reviewed and modified to suite your aesthetic as well as practical wants/needs. 

Phase 3– Design Development/Preliminary Bid Documents

 General scope of phase #3 is to turn the preliminary schematic designs into preliminary bid documents. The goal of bid documents is to provide enough information to generate a realistic price estimate of your project. Documents and design criteria can still be revised at this point to address budget issues. Site specific conditions still needing design or verification will be completed and may involve the use of third party consultants. Materials and methods of construction as well as preliminary selections of (expensive) equipment will be determined based on your wants, needs, and budget. 

Phase 4– Construction Documents

 The purpose of the construction documents phase is to finalize the information assembled to date into full permit and construction drawings. It is critical that adequate information is provided for the builder/contractors to construct the project. All design changes must be solidified before commencement of this phase. 

Phase 5– Construction Administration

 Municipal approval is given for commencement of project. Construction of residence commences. General scope of construction administration is to assist Clients (and builder if/when necessary) in construction processes.